Just how many species of birds actually reside in Chitwan National Park? There have been many different counts, which includes as many as 848 different varieties.

There are always plenty of birds to see in Chitwan National Park, but the park really comes to life in the spring and fall of the year as migratory birds travel south to avoid the harsh Siberian winters, only to return in the spring to their northern homes.

There are common species of birds as well as rare and endangered ones. Sometimes the beautiful peacock seems to be just too common place as the park features a large population of this colorful bird. There are many types of waterfowl as well as a variety of kingfishers who sparkle in a great myriad of colors.

Meghauli Wildlife Resort has several bird watching packages that you can choose from. Bring your spotting scope or telephoto lens as you set up to watch the birds in and around the park.

Even better, you don’t even half to travel far from your room to watch the birds. We  have an incredible overlook on the Rapti River which offers great views of the large number of waterfowl. Cranes, ducks and other water birds call the river home.

But then deep in the jungle, set up by a waterhole and observe the birds coming to drink. Some come to catch fish, others come to bathe.

Chitwan National Park is one of the best places in the world to observe our avian friends. Meghauli Wildlife Resort is your birding headquarters. Book your trip now for a bird-watching experience of a lifetime!


Some of the varieties of birds you can see in and around Meghauli Wildlife Resort!

  • Cinnamon Bittern
  • Black crowned Night Heron
  • Asian Openbill Stork
  • Woolly-necked & Cerser Adjusted Storks
  • Chestnut Crowned
  • Spotted Bush Warblers.
  • Red-Capped Babbler
  • Brown Fish Owl
  • Osprey
  • Himalayan Golden Backed Wood-pecker
  • Black-Napped Monarch
  • Peacocks
  • Several varieties of Kingfishers
  • Sunbirds


  • Different birds from all across Asia.

  • Danphe, National bird of Nepal can be seen.

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