What is the safest and best way to see the wild animals of Chitwan National Park? It is by an elephant safari.

The Asian elephant is one of the most incedible and fascinating of the jungle animals. Elephants and humans tend to bond, and these animals have almost a pet-like relationship with their handler. Usually an elephant and handler will spend decades bonding together.

These wonderful animals move silently through the jungle. For being such large animals, their feet make very little noise as they move stealthily through the dense jungles. From the howdah on top of the elephant, you can see great distances.

Here you will see five varieties of deer, birds, wild peacocks, wild boar, rhinos and if you are lucky, a Royal Bengal Tiger (tigers are rather shy – they don’t come out on schedule!) All of this from the advantage point of being on the top of an elephant.

An elephant safari is about a two hour trip as you ride comfortably on top of the elephant. Getting on the elephant is easy as you board these gentle animals from an elevated platform reached by steps.

An elephant safari is one of the best ways to see the jungle. It is a fun experience as you get a chance to get a close up view of the jungle on the back of a very friendly and dedicated elephant.


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