Imaging moving quietly through the jungle, looking around at the plant life when suddenly your guide whispers: “Shhh! Rhino!” He points into the bush and there is a perfect specimen of the rare one-horned rhino eating vegetation.

A jungle walk is the best way experience the jungles of Chitwan National Park. Our guides as Meghauli Wildlife Resort are more than just guides; they are naturalists who know the jungles. Our guides were born and raised in the Terai and they know the flora and fauna of the jungle. Each of our guides is government licensed, and have received full training to understand the unique ecology of Chitwan National Park.

A jungle walk can be anywhere from two hours to an entire day. Sit quietly by the side of a watering hole as you watch wildlife come for water. Watch monkeys play in the trees, always putting on a good show. Follow footprints of jungle tigers and leopards as they lead across the jungle.

And then there are the birds. Over 848 varieties of birds call Chitwan their home. Some birds are seasonal, flying from Siberia to warmer climates farther south. Others live here year around. There are wild parakeets, owls. hawks, eagles and more for you to watch and enjoy.

There is so much to see and do on a jungle walk. Whether it is spotting a jungle animal or examining a local wildflower, a jungle walk lets you experience the jungle up close. Come and inspect our jungle; it has secrets that it wants to share with you!


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