For over a thousand years, the only people who could inhabit the jungles of Chitwan were an ethnic group known as the Tharus. Up until the 1950s, It is belived that these are the only people had a natural immunity to malaria, which was common during parts of the year.

Malaria has been eradicated, but the Tharu people still continue to farm in their traditional ways. They have learned how to co-exist with the jungle, creating a harmony between humans and animals.

During the day, these are hard-working farmers; but at night, they love to sing, dance and tell stories about their ancestors. They have developed their own unique culture that is not like anything else in the world.

At Meghauli Wildlife Resort, we are proud to be able to offer a genuine Tharu cultural show at night to our visitors. Our performers are not professionals – they are local people who are proud to bring you their local culture. The dances and songs have been performed from generation to generation. The cultural show here at Meghauli Wildlife Resort helps to keep alive this important tradition.

You will be delighted with their songs and dances as well as their traditional costumes. Come and experience the night at Meghauli Wildlife Resort. You may even get a chance to dance with the Tharus as they are willing to teach you all of the right moves.

It is always a fun time at Meghauli Wildlife Resort!


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