The indigenous people of the Terai/Jungle regions of Nepal are the Tharus. These industrious people are primarily farmers, and have direct knowledge and understanding of the unique conditions of the jungle. Their lifestyle blends in total harmony with nature as they reflect their respect for the ecology of Chitwan National Park.

One of the fun activities that visitors to Meghauli National Park get to participate in is a tour of a real Tharu Village. Here you will be welcomed into their homes for a cup of tea and maybe some of their homemade rice wine. Be warned – this stuff is potent!

The Tharus enjoy visitors. As Meghauli is not in the regular “tourist zone”, the people here are not inundated by visitors. You will have the rare opportunity to really get to know these tribal people as you enjoy their friendship.

The people still farm in traditional ways. They raise their animals with respect of nature, and they live primarily off the land. Some of the Tharus have begun working in tourism. Meghauli Wildlife Resort is pleased to be able to hire the local Tharus to work at the resort, thereby contributing to the local economy.

Come, and sip with the Tharu’s a cup of tea as you sit with them at their homes, smile at the children and learn about the lifestyle of these industrious and hardy people.


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